January 30, 2014

"App"solutely Cool Tools

I've been off from school for the past 2 days enjoying the SNOW we got here in southeast VA!  It snowed about 6 inches here in Gloucester after getting about 3" last week.  This is really unusual for us.  We usually get a good snow like this once every couple of years and we've had 2 within a week!  Crazy!  But we are loving it.  And... I just got word that we are off again tomorrow.  Last week we only saw students for 1/2 a day Tuesday (Friday was a teacher work day) and this week we only saw them on Tuesday (Monday was a work day).  As much as I love the days off, I'm sure I won't be loving them when we have to make the days up.  Oh well... :)  My co-teacher and I are working on this big project... the book trailers I talked about in an earlier post.  At this rate, it'll be March before we finish them, but I promise to post about them soon.

I've been saying to myself over the last few weeks that I really need to share the resources I obtained from our annual state technology conference on this blog, so here goes...  Back in December we attended the VSTE conference.  VSTE is the Virginia Society of Technology in Education and I LOVE going to this 3-day conference.  I always learn so much and come home rejuvenated!  My colleagues and I created a document that we shared with our teachers with all the resources we learned about.  There are many great apps and websites in this document.  I hope you are able to find several that you can use.  Click on the picture below to access and download the document.

Some of my favorites are EduCreations, NearPod, Poll Everywhere and Socrative.  I also love the website Interactive Sites for Education.  This site has a great listing of K-5 online, interactive, educational games and simulations all in one place.  It's awesome!
Enjoy these resources!
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  1. Hi Sherri!
    I just have to tell you I love your little blog! It's fun to read and you have lots of great ideas for things to try in my classroom. I wanted to let you know that I recently used EduCreations in my classroom and my second graders loved it! I teach in a low socioeconomic school and, therefore kids don't get a lot of practice with technology as they should, but I reluctantly let them take turns using my iPad for this project and they met all of my expectations. The project they created showing all the plant parts, and recoding what each plant part does was fun and the kids liked watching each others' project on the ELMO/LCD projector. What fun! Keep the apps coming. I will be sure to check in from time to time to see what new apps await! Thanks again!