October 9, 2014

Top 10 Tech Tools: #2 Prezi

#2 is Prezi!

Prezi is an awesome modern presentation tool! One of its best aspects is that it is cloud-based which means you can access, edit and present from anywhere you have an Internet connection. An app is also available for mobile devices. Different than most presentation tools, Prezi's interface uses a single "page" or board and a zooming feature that allows the user to visually explain how concepts relate to one another. There are also tons of great professional templates to get you started.
I've used this tool with several classes and for various projects.  The students love, love, LOVE it!  It is so easy for them to learn and use. I have used this tool with third graders to create presentations on famous Americans.  Fourth grade students created presentations on famous Virginians in the Virginia Studies standards.  Last spring, 6th grade students created presentations for SOL review on language arts topics.  There are endless ways to use Prezi.  Be sure to check it out for yourself!
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