February 28, 2015

It's an Appy Day... ChatterPix Kids

It's an Appy Day and today I want to tell you about a great app - ChatterPix Kids!  One of the best things about it is it's FREE!

Bring your pictures to life with the app ChatterPix Kids!  This is an awesome iPad/iPhone app and has endless possibilities.  Your students will LOVE it.  With this app all you have to do is upload a picture, record your voice and the app will create a movie that looks like the picture is talking!  In the past, I have used this app with photos of famous Americans.  Recently I worked with a first grade class and we used the app for Black History month.  Students used the app to tell about famous black Americans that they had been studying.  We did something a little differently this time and it turned out so adorable.  Take a look at one of our videos below...

This time, instead of uploading a photo students drew pictures of their person.  They are SO cute and it really made all of the difference.  We started with a line drawing of a head.  This will make it easier for young students to draw their person and makes them large enough for a nice scan.  You can find the one I used here.  After students drew their pictures, I scanned them and loaded them on the iPads through Dropbox.

Students also completed research on their famous American.  You can have them complete this page which will help when they record in the app.  After completing the page, they can buddy up and practice reading to their partner.  This is great for fluency! :-)

Below are the steps for using the ChatterPix app. It's so easy your students will be creating videos in no time!

Have fun creating!
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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for this cute idea - my kiddos LOVED it! :) I'm wondering if you've ever found a way to share these videos with the parents? I use Class DOJO for my classroom management and parent communication, and I had been planning on sending each video to them through the app but it's not working :/

    1. Hi Courtney. I'm so glad you had fun with this project. After creating the video, it can be exported to the camera roll. How you share it from there may depend on your school division's policies about sharing student work. My school division has a site called My VR Spot which allows us to upload videos and share them through a showcase. I then link that to our website. Maybe your division has something similar. Another option might be to create a folder and upload videos in Google Drive or Dropbox. Then make that folder public and send the link to parents. Talk with your technology specialist to see what options they might be able to suggest. Here is a link to one of our showcase pages from this year - https://live.myvrspot.com/p/56cb71517eb58

      I hope you find a good way to share with parents. :)