August 10, 2013

Look What's New... Newsletter Templates!

You may have noticed I've been a little MIA lately.  I have been having a great summer and just spent the last week at the beach with my family.  And... this coming week is "Girlfriends Week" so I am headed back to the beach tomorrow with some of my favorite teacher peeps... YAY!  I am really looking forward to my last fun week of my summer break before heading back to school on the 19th. 

In the meantime, I worked a little at the beach last week and finished my latest project - a set of newsletter templates.  44 to be exact!  That is enough to for a different weekly newsletter for each week of the school year!  I am really excited about the way they turned out. :-)

Each newsletter is completely customizable.  Change the dates, title, section titles, text, etc.  You can also change the fonts and their sizes.  In addition, I included links to the free fonts I used and directions on how to download and install fonts on your machine.  In case you are trying to come up a cute title for your newsletter, I also include lots of title ideas!

The newsletters are seasonal themed with backgrounds and clipart representing the month and seasons.  Below are the months and themes included with the number of templates per month:

The themes included are:
August – Back to School (4)
September – Back to School and fall (4)
October – fall leaves, pumpkins, Halloween (5)
November – harvest, Native Americans, Thanksgiving (4)
December – winter and Christmas (3)
January – winter, ice skating, snowmen, penguins (4)
February – groundhogs, Valentines, hearts (4)
March – lion/lamb, rainbows, St. Patrick’s Day (4)
April – spring, April showers (4)
May – flowers, butterflies (4)
June – summer, beach (3)
July – 4th of July (1)

And here is a look at a few samples of the templates:

Interested?  Pick up my newsletter templates on Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook

I'll end this post with a picture from my family beach week.  I hope you are having an excellent summer! 

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