July 19, 2013

Look What's NEW!

I am so excited about my newest creation on Literary Genres!!!  Several years ago when I was teaching 3rd grade I created a bulletin board that resembled a graphic web of the genres to help my students learn about fiction and nonfiction types of literature.  It was very basic looking so I decided to spruce it up some.  It ended up turning into a bulletin board set of 3 different sizes as well as an advance organizer, a sort for students, a concentration game, Bingo boards and reading slips!  Wow!  I guess I got a little carried away.  

The set includes a bulletin board set in 3 different sizes.  The large size is full page and has the genre name and description.

The medium size is half page and has the genre name on one half page and the description on another half page.  One way to arrange this on a board is to fold a piece of cardstock in half like a card and glue the genre name on top and the description on the inside.  Students can lift the “flap” to read the description. 

The smallest size is the perfect size for book bin labels.  They have the name and description on separate labels.  

I’ve also included an advance organizer for students to glue in their reading notebooks, some bulletin board ideas and book slips for arranging the genres and slips.  

4 Reading Bingo cards are part of this set.  Use them monthly or quarterly for students to keep track of which genres they have read.

Students can complete the Genre sort and play the concentration game!  And as a special thank you for checking out my blog, I’ve included the Genre sort as a FREEBIE!

You can purchase the full product in my Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook stores.

Thank you SO much!

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